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Concrete Restoration

Our concrete restoration process is an affordable option for many of our clients looking to cosmetically fix unsightly cracks, grooves, and pitting. Once we fill the holes, we expertly apply an industrial strength sealant for ultimate protection from future cracks, oil and grease, and other surface contaminants. Let our painting company use it’s almost 30 years of professional experience in your favor for your concrete repair; call us today!

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Concrete Restoration Company

Many years of working on a concrete surface can take their toll. Stains from oil spills and chips from falling tools do more than make the floor look bad. These problems can increase the likelihood of slips and falls and are difficult to remove. We have a proven technique to resolve these issues. Our concrete restoration is so much more than just filling cracks and removing stains. When you hire us as your painter, you will see a floor that is even better than it was years ago. Let us take a look at your concrete and find out how quickly we can fix it for you.

restoring-concreteWhen you call us for your free concrete restoration estimate, you can be sure you will get what you need. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. As a painter, we know that the prep work that comes first is very important. We are committed to getting the job done quickly and done right. In addition to repairing old problems, our concrete restoration can protect your floor from future issues. A poly coating can resist stains from oil, paint, and grease spills. Further, it can resist chips and scrapes from falling tools and or moving equipment. Let our epoxy coating absorb all the natural damage that occurs on any concrete floor. Let one of our well trained crews come out and give any surface you have had trouble with a new life. We are standing by to help you, so do not wait any longer to call us.

Restoring Concrete

Concrete restoration is more than just layering an epoxy coating over your floor. We make a relief cut into an existing crack to prepare the crack to accept the appropriate filler. Once we have exposed the good concrete, we can then fill the crack with a special poly compound. This filler evenly spreads into the break and will leave you with a perfect, flat surface. As a painter, we understand that concrete restoration must be more than just painting the floor, as well. Our unique process prepares the floor, then removes problems, fills in cracks and coats the whole surface. This not only extends the life of your concrete, but also makes it look great. You can choose the color and texture, and even flaking for an added effect. Contact us now to learn more about how great your floor can look.

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We do concrete restoration across Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and all surrounding cities.