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Floor Systems

When it comes to protecting your floor systems, you need a highly skilled painting company, like us, that tackle any size job or request. With 30 years under our belt, we are expertly trained at providing superior protection and coverage to garage flooring and concrete for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. We will be happy to give you a free estimate and discuss our quality product line-up to find which of our coatings best suits your needs and your budget. For stellar customer service and top notch workmanship, give our painter a call today!

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Floor System Coatings

Our durable products stand the test of time! Because we don’t cut corners, it is the attention to detail we take during the prep phase that gets you the longest lasting coverage possible. From start to finish, we think you will be impressed how easy it is when you hire us for all your floor system coating needs. We do the following:

Dollar for dollar, our floor system coatings are meant to deliver protection while also being visually aesthetic. We have an entire weatherproof line which can keep water from seeping in the pores of your concrete floor. It can also help ward off damaging grease and oil stains that makes for unsightly surfaces. Ever walk into your garage feeling like you have to play hop scotch to avoid dirty messes? Our floor system coatings make your garage or concrete flooring easy to clean. Who doesn’t like easy maintenance? For more information, give our expert painters a call today!

flooringThe quality of our work shines through in all we do. We take the time to properly clean and prep every surface we paint. Even the smallest amount of dirt can cause a floor system coating to have points of failure. With a little elbow grease, we know that our work will maximize the shelf life of the coating you choose. This means a lot to our residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Once properly cleaned, we will examine any cracks or groove in the surfaces. We make sure to fill and smooth them for a nice even surface. Next, we apply primer. We then proceed to apply a coating, paint, or sealant. Once applied, we make sure to clean up after ourselves. We leave you with nothing but beautiful, seamless coverage, void of any mess. We treat every space as we would our own, with respect. When every penny counts, count on us to focus on value for every job we complete. Want to know more about which type of floor system coating is best for you? Give our friendly office staff a call today and we will be happy to discuss your options with you. We give free estimates on all of our services so you can budget your home or businesses upgrade appropriately. We are on standby to field your call, so call us now!

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We do floor systems in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and surrounding areas.