Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy floor coating is great looking and it is one of the strongest, hard-wearing sealants made for garage concrete. You get a high level of protection and resiliency. It can take car and foot traffic and stay impressive for years. Affordable, durable and classy: finish the look of your home having the garage surface sealed permanently.

Epoxy floor coating ends dull gray, oil-stained garage floors once and for all
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Maintaining your epoxy does not require much effort. A mop and maybe a hose every few months get it done. The epoxy floor coating itself eliminates tire marks, grease discoloration, grass stains and dirt. These heavy duty sealants hide minor imperfections.

Top five benefits of epoxy

  1. Chemical resistant and tough
  2. Concrete restored before coating
  3. Can be slip resistant
  4. Available in colors and additives such as quartz, metal fleck and vinyl chips give texture
  5. Perfect as part of new construction, too

Most concrete garage floors develop a crack or two over time. These can be caused by everything from tree roots and movement of the soil to the house settling. Your choice is to live with ugly patches, tear up your damaged concrete and have a new slab poured, or fully refurbish the surface with an epoxy floor coating.

How your surface is fully refurbished

  • Chemical cleaning removes grease, oil, and any other dirt and stains. A special masonry cleaning solution will be used to make sure the surface is clean and will bond perfectly with the epoxy floor coating. We will hand scrub any dark stains when necessary to get them completely out.
  • Any cracks are fixed with a special process. We want to put strong poly filler into each crack. To make sure even spider cracks are fixed, we use a diamond-bladed grinder to cut a “V” along the line of the crack. This makes certain it takes the filler evenly. We use a two-part poly filler for additional strength.
  • To prepare the surface after removing any stains, we use what is called “mechanical scarification” which gets down to all of the impurities lodged in the concrete pores.

Increase safety with a non-slip additive
The floor itself is not slippery. The biggest reason to add a non-slip additive to an epoxy floor coating is to ensure safety. Spilled anti-freeze and oil can be treacherous. Family and visitors can slip and fall. If you are planning a workshop or storage area in your garage, you will want a non-slip additive. Most can be added directly to your sealer, and some sealers are available with grit already in the mix. It’s a simple step to take to ensure the safety of everyone in the house.

Steps will match
We will seal steps and stairs into the house seamlessly with the same look as you choose for the floor. With many colors to choose from for the base coating, and the option of enhancing the look with decorative additives, epoxy floor coatings give you design options. An increasing trend in home ownership is the addition of good looking garage storage and work desk built-ins. Why live with a painted floor when you can give a completed look to the makeover of the space?

Epoxy floor coating is the most economical and beautiful options for a garage floor, and also perfect for patios.
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We offer epoxy floor coating in Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Winter Park, Brandon, Winter Haven, Lutz, Plant City, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Lake Mary, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, St Pete, and Sarasota.