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Garage Floor Refinishing

When it comes to garage floor refinishing, our expert painting company taps into our 30 years of experience to provide you superior service and workmanship. Let us help you fix unsightly pitting, grooves, and cracks in your garage floor. We will fully clean the surface, make the necessary repairs, and can finish the job with a top of the line protective coating. When it comes to protecting and restoring floor systems, make us your first and last call!

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Refinishing Garage Floors

Over time, wear and tear on your garage floor cannot be disguised. Abuse from bikes, cars, and tools can damage the surface. Grease from power tools and lawnmowers leave ugly staining. Are you tired of not being able to walk barefoot in your garage? Then it is time to call our expert painters to the rescue! We have been doing garage floor refinishing for years and we can whip your garage’s surface back into shape. Because so many homes use their garage as functional spaces, maintaining the integrity of the floor’s surface is important. Settling can also cause cracks and uneven surfaces. These can be tripping hazards. Why continue to allow your garage to be an accident waiting to happen? Contact us right away for all your garage floor refinishing needs!

Refinishing Garage FloorShop owners, like home owners, benefit eliminating hazards. Mechanics and dealerships need to exude professionalism beyond a showroom. Letting us conduct a garage floor refinishing for your business shows your customers you care. Looking polished is more than acting the part, you have to look it, too! Did you know that over time soil under the slab expands? Also, if water is not channeled away from the home the right way, it can cause absorption into the material. Both of these cause cracking. Our approach to refinishing garage floors doesn’t include tearing up your old slab and pouring a new one. It also does not mean blaring patchwork that results in two toned concrete smears. We do a deep clean of the surface in preparation for every garage floor refinishing. We then use fillers and smooth out uneven pitting. Next, we apply an epoxy coating that binds with filler for structural security. This industrial topcoat comes in many colors and textures. This allows you to achieve a beautiful surface that is also functional. As a polymer top layer, it weather proofs the surface and completes your garage floor refinishing job. As with all of our services, we would be happy to do a site inspection. Here, we will give you a free estimate on what the cost of refinishing your garage floor would cost. The amount of damage and refinishing needed varies from job to job. As a professional painter, we welcome this chance to show you how you can improve your garage space at a great value. If you are ready to make the move, give us a call today to make an appointment!

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