Conklin Roofing

Conklin roofing “saves” most existing roofs. You save energy, save money, and save replacement roofing costs.
A seamless coating for a commercial roof – from the nation’s number one manufacturer, Conklin® Roof Coating Systems – has become the fastest growing alternative to commercial and industrial leak repair and roof replacement.

Conklin roofing is the smart choice for flat and low-slope designs
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When you want long-term protection and freedom from leaks and maintenance, you want a coating that has been specially formulated for your type of roof. Conklin roofing is applied as a liquid. It dries to form a seamless membrane of acrylic polymer. There is a coating solution engineered for specific roof materials.

  • Metal roof restoration (MR)
  • Modified Bitumen Built-Up Roofs (BUR)
  • EPDM (Rubber) coating system
  • Shingle or rolled asphalt coatings
  • Sprayed polyurethane foam
  • Ply systems
  • Fabric reinforced coatings

Conklin roofing is known to last a long time and proven to save energy. There are roofs applied 30 years ago that are still going strong. The manufacturer stands by its products with a 20 year renewable warranty. You get a “green” roofing system that markedly reduces energy costs. You want a white roof to reflect the hot rays of the sun away from the surface of your roof. This keeps the interior of your building cooler. Customers have saved so much money on air conditioning costs that the coating system has paid for itself in just seven years. As a return on investment, it can’t be beat. This is no marketing claim. The products have earned the federal ENERGY STAR™ rating and can contribute to LEED green building credits.

Here’s an example of energy efficiency: The temperature at the surface of a black roof, measured when it was 93 degrees outside, reached 123 degrees. When the same roof was coated, at 93 degrees the roof measured 71 degrees. 80 to 85% of the heat of the sun is reflected away with “green” Conklin roofing. One of our options, the fabric reinforced system is not only made tougher by the imbedded fabric, but also adds even more energy efficiency.

We like to ask potential customers, “Why spend a huge amount of money replacing your leaky roof?” One customer ran a test, by coating half of a huge roof with a Conklin roofing system, while replacing the other half with silicone sealed sheet metal. Within one year, the metal had sprung six leaks and the coating had none. Coatings are the superior choice because they are:

  • Applied as a liquid
  • Seamless when dry
  • Energy efficient
  • Adhere fully to existing roof materials
  • Add no weight load (they are lightweight)
  • Renewable
  • Carry a Class “A” fire rating

This is not a patch or a stop-gap repair. You get a total refurbishment at a fraction of the cost of a replacement roof. Conklin roofing is engineered to eliminate continuous leaking, water puddles and the decay caused by the weather and aging. They solve an innate problem with flat roofing – the fact that it is flat. We can make your existing roof weatherproof, waterproof, and worry free. A specialized coating system is the cost-effective way to fix the trouble you are having with your roof. Coatings save your existing roof and make it maintenance-free for years to come.

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You get an affordable layer of protection, years of no maintenance, and substantially reduced energy use.

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